An expert ophthalmologist, an exceedingly successful entrepreneur, a diligent social worker and a noble individual, Dr. Tejal Dalal had founded Tej Eye Center (TEC) in Gandhinagar in August 2000 with the mission of “Vision for everyone and solo motive of helping thousands of people to avoid the bane of blindness.

With the compassion and ethos of its founder institutionalized in the organization, Tej Eye Center (TEC) does "CARE"for the entire society at large, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, status or geography -

C – Camps – Free eye check-ups

A – Awareness (educational) initiatives

R – Reach (outreach programs to all sections of society)

E – Eye Donation drives

Camps – Free eye and diabetes check-ups

  • TEC has conducted 3000+ Free Eye Check-up & Diabetic Camps per year attended by more than 1.5 lakh patients across villages, cities, corporate, government sectors across Gujarat.
  • Dr. Tejal Dalal personally participates and invests in these camps to promote regular eye check-ups, eye wellness guidelines and early identification of problems to avoid blindness in future.

Awareness (educational) initiatives

  • Dr. Tejal Dalal has conducted 400+ awareness lectures yearly on Avoidable Blindness and its eradication.
  • School eye screening is conducted at >200 schools across Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar as a part of social responsibility endeavors. We conduct educative programs for school teachers and parents to help detect eye problems at an early age.
  • Similarly while doing corporate eye screening, we make them aware of Computer Vision syndrome (CVS) and ways to reduce its impact on eye health.

Reach (outreach programs)

  • TEC’s social initiatives span across villages, schools, religious communities and corporates. Keeping the Upanishad ethos, “Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamaya” in mind, Dr. Dalal and TEC team continuously strive to reach maximum people possible and always inch closer towards the mission “Vision for everyone”
  • Dr. Tejal Dalal has started an initiative “Vision for everyone” where they encourage people to donate their old frames which TEC can refit with corrective glasses to help needy children and elderly for free. To date, TEC has helped many needy people with such refitted glasses, thanks to strong support and frames’ donation by people

Eye Donation & Enucleation of Cornea

  • Eye Donation Rally: Dr. Tejal Dalal took initiative and organized Eye Donation Rally on 10th October 2013 in Gandhinagar to create awareness among the public of the need for donating eyes and to bridge the gap between demand and supply of cornea. The rally was joined by more than 1500 people and flagged off by Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Nitinbhai Patel. It was a resounding success as it motivated people to come forward and pledge for eye donation.
  • Enucleation of Cornea: Dr. Dalal has worked with state and central govt. to allow paramedical staff to collect corneas from donors resulting in tremendous increase of eye donations in villages, expanding employment for paramedical staff and enabling eye transplants for many people.

Dr. Dalal believes deeply that “there is no feeling better than compassion which you can fulfill through your profession” and hence, TEC members go beyond their profession to help tens of thousands of people and bring joy to their family! Objective is to eradicate “any avoidable form of blindness”.

Home Eye care services :



Tej Eye center fights Corona:


  • Conjunctivitis may be the first symptoms of COVID 19.
  • Conjunctival secretions and tears from patients with COVID 19 can contain Virus RNA.
  • Patients with conjunctivitis may pose a greater risk than those without ocular symptoms.
  • Asymptomatic patients with COVID 19 or patients in incubation can transmit the diisease
  • Healthcare worker should assume that ocular fluids from all patients are potentially infective and should wear eye protection.

Joining hands with Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. Of Gujarat for Eye care

Recently during Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2019, TEC has signed an MOU with Health & Family Welfare Department of Govt. of Gujarat for Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) screening in rural and urban population using Tele-medicine.

Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of Avoidable blindness among working-age diabetics worldwide - however, early detection and timely treatment can reduce the risk of preventable blindness by 95%.

Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) free India initiative has been successfully running for last 1 year in various CHCs PHCs and UHCs of govt. setup using fundus camera. We have extended this program to various departments like police, education, transport; Jilla Panchyat, Gandhinagar; Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and banks.

Radio City RJ Harshil Interview :

Eye Care During Covid-19 :

Free Helpline Number:

To make it easier for you to connect us, Tej Eye center has introduced free helpline +91 80468 78307 number for patients, to get answers for any eye related problems.

Parental Control App:

Tej Eye center has come up with screen time control app for parents wherein they can shut down mobile screen at pre-decided time.

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